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(Dibaca : 55031 kali)

PT. PELANGI SAMUDERA INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturing and trading company that produces many kind of printed matters such as

  1. Greeting cards
  2. Gift Tags
  3. Labels/Stickers (Xmas & Everyday)
  4. Christmas Crackers
  5. Giftwraps
  6. Calendars
  7. Craft Items
  8. Books
  9. Product Packaging (regular papers or corrugated papers)
  10. Displays or PDQ (Corrugated or Hardboard)
  11. Corrugated Cartons
  12. OPP Laminating holographic , mat & glossy
  13. Plastic Printings
  14. and other items based on customer specifications

We do everything from design process, pre-production, production, finishing (UV Varnish,Glitter, Hotstamping, embossing,Felting, etc) and packing under one roof. Our production capacity is more than enough to cater export market since our factory is equipped with

  1. Several 5,4,2 and 1 color printing machines
  2. UV Varnish machines
  3. Glitter Machines
  4. Envelope making machines
  5. Creasing machines
  6. Automatic die cutting machines
  7. Manual die cutting machines
  8. Hotstamping machines
  9. Embossing machines
  10. Felting machines
  11. Repair Workshop
  12. and other machines that support the finishing process

We also have very big warehouse facilities to store the finished items and raw materials such as papers snap, curling ribbons, inks,etc. with the above facilities, we can print more than 10 million cards everyday and more than 3 millions carckers sheets everyday. We always improve our production facilities as well as the design and pre-press equipment especially onthe machineries. We do hope that we can cater your country in printings and packanging services.